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Private villa. Prague, Czech Republic
Interior design, completion and realization of the project

Design, decorating and complete furnishing of the interior. Coordination and author's supervision during realization. The interior design project was designed at the planning stage, even before construction, which allowed us to make important changes in the layout of the rooms and add some technical solutions to the architectural design. We developed a plan and scenario of multi-level lighting, a home theater system with elements of smart home control, with the possibility of watching movies on a big screen. The perfect color scheme was found and finishing materials were selected. Individual design of all built-in furniture, doors and decorative elements. Careful selection and supply of all furniture, decorative and architectural lighting, decorative elements, hardware and accessoires.

Apartment in Mariánské Lázně
Interior design project and realization, 2014-2015

Interior design and decorating of the resort apartment. Coordination and author's supervision in the realization process of the design project. Complete furnishing with furniture, lighting and decorative accessories from the our studio's collection. Design and supply of the bespoke built-in cabinet furniture, upholstered furniture and doors.

Private house, Karlovy Vary
Bathroom interior design, 2018-2019

Design and decoration of a private house bathroom interior. Design and supply of bespoke cabinet furniture and fittings, lighting, accessories and decorative materials.

Photos of realized projects 2009-2016
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