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Art of Interior Design

Interior Design Studio GATTABIANCA, Prague

Interior design studio GATTABIANCA, based in Prague, Czech Republic. Since 2008 we have been designing and decorating elegant, unique interiors in the Czech Republic and abroad. The studio provides a full range of interior design services for residential and commercial spaces.

We create harmonious interiors 
filled with an atmosphere 
of beauty, comfort, sop

and practicality that stand 

the test of time. 

Classics and modern trends, refinement of materials and textures, the volumes, colors and light, but the main in the interior is always a person and his lifestyle.

We pay great attention to proportions, effectively use scale, find ideal combinations of colors and textures, carefully select and think through every detail of the interior, design multi-level lighting. We make extensive use of the possibilities of natural and modern finishing materials.

Based on profile education and knowledge, design and realization experience, as well as on following the trends in the world of design and architecture, we are ready to offer you the best solutions.

Offering a personalized and friendly approach, we focus on creating high-end, thoughtfully designed interiors that embody our clients' needs and dreams. We emphasize practicality and comfort to ensure that our interiors not only look beautiful, but are livable and ergonomic. The success of our projects depends not only on the end result but also on the process, which is why we care about customer service and take on a limited number of projects per year to ensure that each client gets the time and attention they deserve.

Our studio has its own collection of furniture, lighting fixtures and decorative accessories from several dozens of European manufacturers, and carries out direct deliveries.

The studio's partners are the leading suppliers of finishing materials, sanitary ware, furniture and accessories in the Czech Republic. We cooperate with cabinet and upholstered furniture manufacturers who produce custom-made products for our projects.

We love our work and believe that every modern person deserves to live in a space that responds to the needs of the modern rhythm of life, while benefiting from the experience of centuries of architecture, design and culture. We offer you what we do really well and will help you to organize your living space using all our experience and knowledge in this field.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our services. Here you can see our portfolio with photos of projects realized by our studio or visit our instagram page.

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