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Art of Interior design


is based in Prague, Czech Republic. Since 2008 we have been designing and decorating elegant, unique interiors in
the Czech Republic and abroad. The studio provides a full range of interior design services residential and commercial spaces.


We create harmonious interiors filled with 
an atmosphere of beauty, comfort, sophistication 
and practicality 
that stand 
the test of time. 

We pay great attention to proportions, effectively use scale, find ideal combinations of colors and textures, carefully select and think through every detail of the interior, design multi-level lighting. We make extensive use of the possibilities of natural and modern finishing materials.

Design Service

Interior Design, Decorating and Furnishings

Interior design studio GATTABIANCA provides a full range 
of interior design services, from initial consultation, measurements and planning of the object, detailed design and materials selection, to the completion of the interior with furniture and lighting, author's supervision during realisation, as well as filling the interior with decorative accessories 
and art objects.


As a rule, the design project and its realization are part of the complete reconstruction of the object. 

It is a common practice to conduct design projects remotely. Communication with the Customer is carried out via electronic means of communication.

In our projects, we often use bespoke cabinet and upholstered furniture of our own - author's design, produced to order, according to individually developed design drawing. The choice of finishing materials, colors and textures, as well as upholstery textiles allows to realize any ideas.



Furniture, Lighting and Decorative Accessories

GATTABIANCA Interior Design Studio is a direct importer of more than a dozen European and several American companies, manufacturers of premium interior design products. Most of these companies are world famous.


Our collection is the result of a very careful selection of manufacturers and their products. Classic, correct proportions or modern, simple and concise shapes, the used materials and the quality of these products meet the highest requirements.


​By catalogs in our studio you can choose and order furniture, lighting and decorative accessories for modern classic interior. The studio's assortment is complemented by textiles and wallpapers, sanitary ware and bathroom accessories, fittings, household appliances and much more.

We will help you with the choice of materials, textures, colors and their combinations within the framework of an interior design project or consultation services.


Our projects, exclusive original interiors often need customized bespoke furniture production. Upholstered and cabinet furniture, including built-in bespoke furniture, is made according to individually developed drawings.


Our assortment is complemented by classic and modern decor for walls and ceiling made of polyurethane, the Belgian leader in this field - Orac Decor. In addition, we also offer classic gypsum stucco.


If you have any questions about purchasing, please contact us by phone or
e-mail, you can send us a simple inquiry and we will find something for your interior.

Thank you! Your message has been sent.


Petřínská 574/10, 150 00 Prague, Czech Republic


+420 777 703 782

+420 777 055 074


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